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Did you love you magical experience?!  We want to hear all about it!  Email us a review or send us your favorite picture and we will feature it on our website! We love our royal fans! 

"I hosted a Rapunzel movie night for the community today - complete with an appearance by Princess Rapunzel herself! She was wonderful! She interacted with the children, had a lot of different activities, and made sure all the kids felt involved. She even brought her pet chameleon Pascal from the movie along with her, and he really stole the show. Sweet, charming, approachable...Rapunzel was everything you'd expect from a true princess in the flesh. By the end of the night, we were already discussing a future event one of her princess pals will be attending. Everyone had a great time, can't speak highly enough."



Jason, K.

Shady Hills, FL

"Dreams Come True Entertainment and Amy are amazing! We have had Tinkerbell and Rapunzel appear at our parties and the kids were all amazed and so excited! Amy has the truly unique ability to capture the kids' attention and keep them entertained and engaged during any event. She is truly one of a kind and we will continue to recommend and book her for all events that need a little magic! We love her and all of her "friends"!"



​​Temple S.

Tarpon Springs, FL​


"The best part of my magical experience was watching my little girl and her friends' faces light up when they saw Tink and Rapunzel. Then watching them have the time of their lives interacting with the characters.  I have already recommended Dreams Come True Entertainment to my friends, as there is no better way to celebrate a special event!"



Mrs. Tea's Garden Tea Room, FL

"Dreams Come True Entertainment is a five star entertainment company! The Little Mermaid arrived as scheduled . She immediately began socializing with the children and never stopped. The Little Mermaid constantly kept the children entertained and continuously engaged in activities with them. The children were all smitten with her. Ariel looked as she should and played the character well. not only was the Little Mermaid excellent, the experience was very affordable. Dreams Come True Entertainment comes with high recommendations from the Rummell family!"



Jennifer R.

New Philadelphia, OH

"Princess Belle exceeded all expectations!!  From the moment she walked in we were all in awe!! Just loved every moment!  Her mannerisms and charisma were just awesome!!  You made my daughter's dream come true! Everyone in the birthday party had a great time. It was an experience our whole family and friends will never forget!! Loved every minute of it!!"



Daisy D.

Orlando, FL

"It was spectacular! It was just like Cinderella was here! Not just the look of her, but how she acted and talked. The quick thinking of comments that were said during certain conversations or actions were priceless! The best was when my daughter said, "My glass slippers light up," and Cinderella said, "Oh my!  That's my friend TinkerBell, she asked fairies to be in your glass slippers." Oh and when Cinderella walked through the door and my daughter asked her where her horses and carriage was, Cinderella without pausing said, oh the neighborhood doesn't allow horses so we had to park them down the street! So funny, I was just thankful she didn't want to go see them lol.... She hasn't quit talking about it yet.  The story time was super. Dance time was great and the tatoos lasted forever even after many baths :-) The gift was beautiful. It is such a great token to have!  I so appreciated that the photographer captured a lot of moments I couldn't.  Thank you again for everything it was incredible!"



Nichole M.

Dover, OH

"We LOVED,LOVED,LOVED The Little Mermaid, she was fantastic... She had the kids attention the entire time, we couldn't have been more pleased...  There was not just one favorite part, it was all a wonderful experience, and the looks on the kids faces when she walked in was priceless... The Little Mermaid was wonderful the entire time, she had a smile that would light up a room...We LOVED her, she exceeded our expectations, and all of the parents raved on how wonderful the party was..."



Amber G.

Saint John's, FL


"My favorite part was the way Amy disappeared into her role and never broke character, that was really amazing.  Although I only availed myself of Dreams Come True's services twice formally, I have worked with it's owner on a number of other projects. The quality of her work and her dedication to her clients speaks for itself. The gift anyone receives from Dreams Come True isn't a performance, it's an experience, a memory to last a lifetime.  I have recommended Dreams Come True to everyone I know."



Jason K.

Shady Hills, FL

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